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[1] Englischer Wikipedia-Artikel „rabbit“: [3] Englischer Wikipedia-Artikel „ Cricket_terminology#R“ (rabbit im Cricket): [1] LEO Englisch-Deutsch, Stichwort: „ rabbit“. RABBIT-SpA ist ein neues Krankheitsregister zur Langzeitbeobachtung von Patienten mit axialer Spondyloarthritis (axSpA) oder Psoriasis-Arthritis (PsA). RABBIT - Rheumatoide Arthritis: Beobachtung der Biologika-Therapie. RABBIT investigates disease and therapy courses of more than 17, patients with.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks Wikiquote. After 14 years as President of Evolution has favored rabbits to have shorter ears so the larger surface area does not cause them to lose heat in more temperate regions. For other uses, see Bunny disambiguation. In response to this note another contributor said that his daughter believed that the outcome would be a present, and kurzbewerbung casino the word must be spoken up the chimney to be most effective; another pointed out that the word rabbit was often used in Beste Spielothek in Klein Glienicke finden, and suggested that the superstition may be a survival google fußball heute the ancient belief in swearing as a means of avoiding evil. Beste Spielothek in Plötzin finden red pika O. In other parts of Britain and in North America, invoking the rabbit's name may instead bring good luck. Beginning in the Middle Winner casino appthe European rabbit has been widely kept as livestockstarting in ancient Rome. Beste Spielothek in Kleinenzersdorf finden Notes and Queries 10s: How to Care for Your Rabbit.

She is a first pet for our 5 yr old son, Liam and he loves her — we all He has a white The grant will fund the care of 29 rabbits that a woman was A non-profit rabbit rescue and education organization.

Home Donate or Join Donate or Join! Contact Us See Rabbits! Posted by HRS on Feb 1, Are You a Rabbit Person? Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things.

Archived from the original on Life's Fancies and Fantasies". The Western Morning News and Mercury. Plymouth and Exeter, Devon.

Retrieved 25 April The Nottingham Evening Post. Popular Beliefs and Superstitions from North Carolina. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore.

Retrieved 3 May List of superstitions List of lucky symbols List of bad luck signs Sailors' superstitions Theatrical superstitions.

Buda Gris-gris Sampy Sleeping child. Apotropaic magic Astrology and science Coincidence Debunker Divination Folk religion Fortune-telling Magic and religion Magical thinking Numerology Perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena Post hoc ergo propter hoc Traditional medicine Urban legend.

Rabbit fur, prized for its softness, can be found in a broad range of coat colors and patterns, as well as lengths. The Angora rabbit breed, for example, was developed for its long, silky fur, which is often hand-spun into yarn.

Other domestic rabbit breeds have been developed primarily for the commercial fur trade , including the Rex , which has a short plush coat.

Because the rabbit's epiglottis is engaged over the soft palate except when swallowing, the rabbit is an obligate nasal breather.

Rabbits have two sets of incisor teeth, one behind the other. This way they can be distinguished from rodents , with which they are often confused.

However, recent DNA analysis and the discovery of a common ancestor has supported the view that they do share a common lineage, and thus rabbits and rodents are now often referred to together as members of the superorder Glires.

Since speed and agility are a rabbit's main defenses against predators including the swift fox , rabbits have large hind leg bones and well developed musculature.

Though plantigrade at rest, rabbits are on their toes while running, assuming a more digitigrade form. Rabbits use their strong claws for digging and along with their teeth for defense.

Each hind foot has four toes but no dewclaw. Most wild rabbits especially compared to hares have relatively full, egg-shaped bodies. The soft coat of the wild rabbit is agouti in coloration or, rarely, melanistic , which aids in camouflage.

The tail of the rabbit with the exception of the cottontail species is dark on top and white below. Cottontails have white on the top of their tails.

As a result of the position of the eyes in its skull, the rabbit has a field of vision that encompasses nearly degrees, with just a small blind spot at the bridge of the nose.

The anatomy of rabbits hind limbs are structurally similar to that of other land mammals and contribute to their specialized form of locomotion.

The Bones of the hind limbs consist of long bones the femur, tibia, fibula, and phalanges as well as short bones the tarsals.

These bones are created through endochondral ossification during development. The femur articulates with the tibia, but not the fibula, which is fused to the tibia.

The tibia and fibula articulate with the tarsals of the pes, commonly called the foot. The hind limbs of the rabbit are longer than the front limbs.

This allows them to produce their hopping form of locomotion. Longer hind limbs are more capable of producing faster speeds.

Hares , which have longer legs than cottontail rabbits , are able to move considerably faster. The hind feet have four long toes that allow for this and are webbed to prevent them from spreading when hopping.

Instead, they have coarse compressed hair that offers protection. Rabbits have muscled hind legs that allow for maximum force, maneuverability, and acceleration that is divided into three main parts; foot, thigh, and leg.

The hind limbs of a rabbit are an exaggerated feature, that are much longer than the forelimbs providing more force.

Rabbits run on their toes to gain the optimal stride during locomotion. The force put out by the hind limbs is contributed to both the structural anatomy of the fusion tibia and fibula, and muscular features.

Action pressure from muscles creates force that is then distributed through the skeletal structures. Rabbits that generate less force, putting less stress on bones are more prone to osteoporosis due to bone rarefaction.

For example, hares have a greater resistant to fatigue than cottontails. The muscles of rabbit's hind limbs can be classified into four main categories: The quadricep muscles are in charge of force production when jumping.

Complimenting these muscles are the hamstrings which aid in short bursts of action. These muscles play off of one another in the same way as the plantar flexors and doriflexors, contributing to the generation and actions associated with force.

Within the order lagomorphs , the ears are utilized to detect and avoid predators. In the family leporidae , the ears are typically longer than they are wide.

For example, in black tailed jack rabbits , their long ears cover a greater surface area relative to their body size that allow them to detect predators from far away.

Contrasted to cotton tailed rabbits, their ears are smaller and shorter, requiring predators to be closer to detect them before fleeing.

Evolution has favored rabbits to have shorter ears so the larger surface area does not cause them to lose heat in more temperate regions. The opposite can be seen in rabbits that live in hotter climates, mainly because they possess longer ears that have a larger surface area that help with dispersion of heat as well as the theory that sound does not travel well in more arid air, opposed to cooler air.

Therefore, longer ears are meant to aid the organism in detecting prey sooner rather than later in warmer temperatures.

The ear muscles also aid in maintaining balance and movement when fleeing predators. The Auricle anatomy , also known as the pinna is a rabbit's outer ear.

Another theory is that the ears function as shock absorbers that could aid and stabilize rabbit's vision when fleeing predators, but this has typically only been seen in hares.

The middle ear is filled with three bones called ossicles and is separated by the outer eardrum in the back of the rabbit's skull.

The three ossicles are called hammer, anvil, and stirrup and act to decrease sound before it hits the inner ear. In general, the ossicles act as a barrier to the inner ear for sound energy.

Inner ear fluid called endolymph receives the sound energy. After receiving the energy, later within the inner ear there are two parts: Within the cochlea there is a basilar membrane that contains sensory hair structures utilized to send nerve signals to the brain so it can recognize different sound frequencies.

Within the vestibular apparatus the rabbit possesses three semicircular canals to help detect angular motion. Thermoregulation is the process that an organism utilizes to maintain an optimal body temperature even if there are severe external conditions.

Homeostasis of body temperature is maintained by the use of their large, highly vascularized ears that are able to change the amount of blood flow that passes through the ears.

Constriction and dilation of blood vessels in the ears are used to control the core body temperature of a rabbit. If the core temperature exceeds its optimal temperature greatly, blood flow is constricted to limit the amount of blood going through the vessels.

With this constriction, there is only a limited amount of blood that is passing through the ears where ambient heat would be able to heat the blood that is flowing through the ears and therefore, increasing the body temperature.

Constriction is also used when the ambient temperature is much lower than that of the rabbit's core body temperature. When the ears are constricted it again limits blood flow through the ears to conserve the optimal body temperature of the rabbit.

If the ambient temperature is either 15 degrees above or below the optimal body temperature, the blood vessels will dilate.

With the blood vessels being enlarged, the blood is able to pass through the large surface area which causes it to either heat or cool down.

During the summer, the rabbit has the capability to stretch its pinnae which allows for greater surface area and increase heat dissipation.

In the winter, the rabbit does the opposite and folds its ears in order to decrease its surface area to the ambient air which would decrease their body temperature.

The jackrabbit has the largest ears within the Oryctolagus cuniculus group. Their large pinna were evolved to maintain homeostasis while in the extreme temperatures of the desert.

Rabbits are herbivores that feed by grazing on grass , forbs , and leafy weeds. In consequence, their diet contains large amounts of cellulose , which is hard to digest.

Rabbits solve this problem via a form of hindgut fermentation. They pass two distinct types of feces: Rabbits reingest their own droppings rather than chewing the cud as do cows and numerous other herbivores to digest their food further and extract sufficient nutrients.

Rabbits graze heavily and rapidly for roughly the first half-hour of a grazing period usually in the late afternoon , followed by about half an hour of more selective feeding.

Hard pellets are made up of hay-like fragments of plant cuticle and stalk, being the final waste product after redigestion of soft pellets.

These are only released outside the burrow and are not reingested. Soft pellets are usually produced several hours after grazing, after the hard pellets have all been excreted.

Rabbits are hindgut digesters. This means that most of their digestion takes place in their large intestine and cecum.

Cecotropes, sometimes called "night feces", are high in minerals , vitamins and proteins that are necessary to the rabbit's health.

Rabbits eat these to meet their nutritional requirements; the mucous coating allows the nutrients to pass through the acidic stomach for digestion in the intestines.

This process allows rabbits to extract the necessary nutrients from their food. The chewed plant material collects in the large cecum, a secondary chamber between the large and small intestine containing large quantities of symbiotic bacteria that help with the digestion of cellulose and also produce certain B vitamins.

The soft feces form here and contain up to five times the vitamins of hard feces. After being excreted, they are eaten whole by the rabbit and redigested in a special part of the stomach.

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